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It's more than macros and cutting calories. 

It's a mindset.
  • Personal Coach: Remember your last diet and how many times you wanted to give up? Your Eat To Perform Coach keeps you going, even when you feel down and frustrated.  Your Coach will help you shift your mindset. 
  • Diet Cycles: Crazy concept, but you won't ALWAYS be dieting. You'll likely start in Fat Loss, and then move on to what we call "Performance Recomp." Your energy levels will soar, your confidence will grow and your body will thrive, like it's designed to.
  • Learn to love food, and your body again: Throw away your lists of good and bad foods. In fact, burn all your fad diet books. Once you start, you'll never look back. Ditch the guilt, the shame, and the perfectionism. Eat To Perform is a way of life, not a diet you race to finish. 
Eat To Perform results

 I feel like I have finally found something that I can do forever- no more yo yo weights loss and gain it all back plus more for me. - Diane

How ETP works

  • Create a Profile - Complete a quick survey and depending on your goals, you'll start in Fat Loss or Performance Recomp.
  • Custom Meal Plan​- When you check out, you'll have the option to upgrade to a completely Customized Meal Plan. If you decide to pass, no problem - our plans come with Free Meal Plan Templates (choose from Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian and more). You'll receive your custom macro plan in the ETP app. 
  • Get Paired with Your Coach - Dieting alone is hard. Motivation is fickle. That's why we pair you with a Coach and give you two check-ins per week. Your Coach is by your side, helps you navigate stressful situations, and gives you the extra push you need (so you don't give up like with other diets)
  • Track Your Progress - Use our exclusive ETP app to monitor and track your progress. Easy color coding shows you how each day looks. Your goal is to hit your "greens". 
Choose between a Two Week Free Trial or a Hand Written Meal Plan customized with the foods you like (and added BONUS Training Templates)
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